Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back to Reality

The hardest part about having really fun long weekends is coming back to reality. I knew it was going to be hard on us, but what I didn’t expect was how hard it was on the babes! We had some rough mornings, but were so glad to have at least one fun school day to get us going.
Yes, the school Easter egg hunt and party.They were way hyper that afternoon, but after a full week of hard mornings, I was not complaning!
I was so thankful when Friday came! We had a super fun and low-key weekend.
The weather was so pretty, and the trees and bushes in front of our house are in full bloom!
The weekend was extra special because we got to celebrate this guy’s birthday! Friday night we had a steak dinner and cake at home and Saturday we went out to one of our favs.
Z was a little disappointed when he found out that grown ups don’t have birthday parties, but Lu was pretty happy, she must have said 12 times, “Guess what, Baba! It’s your birthday!” with a huge precocious smile on her face! Loved seeing them get excited and I especially loved celebrating this guy!
Sunday we met up with my parents at our old favorite trail. The kids had the best time picking dandelions and running around. It was beautiful day at the trail.
After hanging at the trail, my parents, Uncle Faris, and my sis and her kids all came over to my house for brunch! Perfect end to a great weekend!
Then on Monday, we were ready to face the week!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Nick had a conference in Chicago this past week (Thursday and Friday), so when Nana and Tata said they could come down and watch the kids, and I was able to close the office for a day, it was official, we were taking a kid-free trip to the Windy City!

We left Wednesday evening. My mom had to follow me to the kids’ preschool and home because Nana wasn’t getting in until late Wednesday night. They were VERY excited about the whole thing. In fact, they barely even noticed we left!

We had dinner at the airport and arrived in Chicago in no time.

Nick hit the conference bright and early Thursday morning, and I had the day to myself. I took my time getting ready, then I headed to Starbucks to read in (relative) peace.


Of course, once Nordstrom opened its doors, I was in there like swimwear. Ha!

Seriously, it was a fabulous morning.

Then, I met this guy for a quick lunch at a very cool Chicago lunch place near Millennium Park. We stopped for a photo op, then he was back to the conference and I was back to my me time.




Wish I could say that my afternoon was just as good as the morning, but alas, it was not. I decided to change out of my beloved Hunters (which I would not do again until the plane ride home), and ended up wandering around somewhat aimlessly, painfully, and got nowhere, but back to the hotel with huge blisters on my feet! #smalltowngirl.

We’re just going to call that a sightseeing tour.

The conference ended pretty late Thursday, so our only plan for Thursday night was Italian food! Yum!


Friday morning, more conference, more me time. This time I made it where I was trying to go (back to Nordstrom, should’ve never strayed from there in the first place). It was freeeezing, but the Magnificent Mile did not disappoint! It was a great morning!

Nick was finally finished with the conference by Friday afternoon, and we had an early reservation and tickets to


The Decembrists! So fun, Nick knew them way better than me. We were just happy there was someone playing while we were there (we’d been wanting to go to concert together this year). They were so good! I’m definitely a fan!!


How beautiful is the Chicago Theater?



Our dinner was fabulous too!


Saturday morning we went to the coolest breakfast place ever, Trader Joe’s for snacks, then to the Art Institute of Chicago, like not on a field trip or with our parents, we went to a museum just because. We were really proud of ourselves. Honestly, it was awesome! Such a cool museum!


We did have a little fun with it.


American Gothic, how cool? And this oh so debonair man here, he’s the artist’s dentist, because dentists are just that cool.


Then, because it was our “culture” day, we headed to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra!


Apparently, these couple of pictures were fine, but one more and the Mr. Friendly, the usher, was going to have to take some action. He came up to us and said, please don’t take any more pictures right after I sat down from the this one (then he got on to several other people, most of whom shrugged him off, including one older guy who was like, yeah, okay I’ll move, didn’t, then waved at Mr. Friendly). 

Anyway, it was a very lovely evening. And, in case you thought we were too sophisticated and cultured, we had burgers and shakes beforehand.


Sunday, we packed up, ate breakfast at the hotel and headed home to see our babes!



We were thankful for the opportunity to go away for a few days, but so happy to be home! I did like 12 loads of laundry Sunday, and I was still happy!

The kids had an absolute blast with Nana and Tata! A special thanks to them for making this trip possible!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week-in Review: Dress Up Edition

Last week was St. Patty’s day. It fell on a Tuesday, and I really was not prepared, hence the hodge podge of greenness you see here.


In case you’re counting, that’s FOUR different shades of green. In my defense, Z’s outfit was picked out by him and approved by his father….

At some point in the morning, Lu had a mishap and ended up in her school backup outfit, a Christmas shirt. The school posted a picture of her class of FB. Wonder what the moms thought when they saw her in a Christmas shirt on St. Patrick’s Day?? #somebodysconfused


I found out later that the mishap occurred when she went to the bathroom, and the toilet wasn’t set up, so she just pulled down her pants and went… standing?! Sometimes I am really thankful I don’t know everything that goes on at school…

Thursday was the “Fairy Tale Ball” in Z’s class. He had told me several times he wanted to be a “guard,” but all I could find in one lunch break trip to Party City was a crown, so he ended up being a King #momfail

There was no ball in Lu’s room, but she couldn’t miss out on a dress up opportunity.


We had another little taste of Spring weather this week and took full advantage! We threw rocks in the creek and picked flowers.


Saturday morning we had our normal gym routine, except, surprise! They were having an egg hunt! I had no idea it was going on, because they always drop me off (gotta get to Zumba!), but when Nick walked in with the two of them, they said, you’re just in time for the egg hunt, and showed them where to go, only they were about 2 minutes late, which meant 90% of the eggs were gone, except….


The golden egg! There were actually three, but Z got one of them! So fun!


He won this basket with some outside toys in it. To say he was excited would surely be an understatement!


After the gym, Z stayed at Nunna and Jido’s, and we took Lu home with us. It was strange having her by herself for a while, but she really loved it. She didn’t ask about Z once!


We went to the mall for a bit before meeting up with my parents, and she was the perfect little shopping buddy!



Then, we went to Barnes and Noble to meet up with this crazy bunch. Apparently, Z built a ship, and he had to showcase his minecraft toy Nunna was getting him.


We all went out to our favorite restaurant, and there was a little bit of matching and a whole lotta cute going on!


Fitting that Dad pose with them, since he is a big MJ fan, and contributor!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Review: Spring Tease

We had a really nice relaxing weekend! It ended perfectly with beautiful weather on Sunday!

Thursday afternoon, when we got home, I let the babes play in the front for a bit. Z had the bright idea to play basketball with a tennis ball, which is all fun and games until the ball rolls down your driveway and halfway down the street… Oh, the hills. We’ll never get away from them (used to happen at our old house, too).


Lu continues to be fascinated by these creepy little bunnies that we inherited with the house. She says hello to them when we pull in and bye to them in the mornings. They both “feed” them and cover them up to keep them warm.


It’s  probably the closest thing they’ll ever have to having a pet, so I let them run with it.

Friday did was Friday does best, rest, relaxation, recuperation from the week, amiright?!


Saturday we did our usual routine of gym and Nunna and Jidos, McDonald’s, time with cousins! So fun!

Sunday was a beautiful day! The kids explored outside with Nick, and I washed my car and cleaned up around the house. Then, it was birthday parties and soccer! PERFECT, perfect, I tell ya!


Because of soccer, Lu and I flew solo to the birthday party. Sister was CLINGY at first. I don’t remember Z ever being that way at parties. Eventually, I told her that if she wanted cake, she would have to play a little, so she finally did.


And buddy, she cashed in on that cake promise!


We flew out of there, and made it in time for the end of Z’s soccer game. He had a great game! He scored a few goals, but more importantly, he seemed to really understand what was going on, and he had SO MUCH FUN! He declared Sunday as his favorite day because it is his soccer day!


Great weekend and a sneak peek of Spring, come on Spring!!!