Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tile, Nunna’s House, School, Repeat

When I start planning a blog post, I usually look through recent pictures on my phone to find a theme and I go with it, like Halloween, visit with cousins, birthday parties, etc. When I look through my phone pictures these days, all I see is this:


Cabinets and tile and hardwood, oh and this:


Pictures of my babies at Nunna and Jido’s house, loving each other (mostly) and loving life (don’t think they ever want to leave).

Mixed in with some school pictures:


So, I guess this is us lately, house planning, hanging out living at Nunna and Jido’s, and going to school/work.

As a side note, I feel like Z and Lu have gotten closer in the last month, and I’m not sure if it’s because of their ages, or that we’re all living at my parent’s house or what it is, but it’s like they’re no longer just co-existing, they’re actually becoming brother and sister. I hear all kinds of stories at school about how they hug when they see each other in the hallway or on the playground and how Z gets an extra prize or piece of candy to share with his sister. It warms a Mama’s heart to hear things like that about my babes!

We let them sit next to each other at Chick Fil-A this weekend, and they were taking turns telling secrets.


Lu has starting calling Z “batman,” which I think started after Nick surprised him with a batman onesie with a cape, which he only takes off to go to school (and may or may not tear up when you tell him is dirty). The other day, she ran into his classroom yelling, “Batmaaaaan!” promptly followed by some funny looks from the teachers. But it’s sweet, because it’s their little thing. She’s also been saying “I love my family” a lot! I am so thankful their little hearts are full of love.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spooky Weekend

The kids have been way excited about Halloween. They’ve been watching Halloween episodes of everything, although the Halloween Bubble Guppies has been the favorite.

Everything is spooooky to them, so naturally when Friday night came, we could hardly contain the excitement.

We went in our now old neighborhood, which is our current neighborhood as we are living with my parents, make sense? I didn’t think so.

It was super cold, but otherwise our most fun year yet! Since we drove over this time (we used to live right next to the action), we started on the opposite end of the street, I know this is just a thrilling story.

But really, it was a lot different this time. We saw quite a bit of this.


And got a good bit of loot. As a side note, what ever happened to saying “trick or treat?” We heard exactly noone else say it, and people looked at our kids weird when they said it, am I missing something? Is it not PC to say trick or treat anymore? What do you do, just walk up and hold out your bag. Why call it trick-or-treating if noone says trick or treat? Nick decided that we’re “bringing it back.” We’ll see about that.

They were very excited about their loot. Z took 15 minutes deciding which two he was going to have, and asked very important questions to aid in his decision making, such as “is this sour?” and “is this one more sour than that one?” Meanwhile Lu picked the pink Nerds out and started eating them immediately.


“Mmm, sour!”


It was super fun and we were all worn out by the end of the night.

We got up and went to the gym on Saturday (go us!), then went to Lowe’s to look at doors, exciting stuff, people. And, by the way, why do kids FREAK OUT at Lowe’s and all of a sudden become starving and tired of walking, and tired of sitting in the cart all at once? Can’t figure that one out, but rest assured, the rest of the weekend was spent looking for doors online… And trust me, if we have to go back for something, it won’t be when my parents are out of town!

We ordered pizza, watched football, and just soaked in the fact that we didn’t have to pack or unpack a single box the whole weekend.

Then on Sunday, we laid around a lot and enjoyed the beautiful day.


Then, we got out to buy Z some new shoes and hit up the grocery. Somebody needed a little help smiling.


So thankful for these sweet babies!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Today, I'm linking up with some of my favorite blogs for Friday Favorites.

My favorite thing I've done in a long time was volunteering at my babes' preschool Halloween festival this morning. Nick headed out to take my parents to the airport (partyyyy, by the way, haha), and we left for school.

While I thoroughly enjoyed doing the ring toss with 100 something kids between the ages of 2 and 5, the best part by far was getting to see my babes and give them hugs and kisses.

We left school and headed straight to another favorite, Chick Fil-A. Love my Fridays with my babes!

Then, we went to our future favorite place, our soon-to-be new house! And let me tell you, we had a crew of consultants out there today! We've got several projects to be completed before moving in, so Mom and Dad, hope you're ready because, you're going to be seeing a loooot of us ;)

Hopefully more house updates to come!

All this fun, and we haven't even had the main event of the day, trick or treating! Happy Friday and Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where We’ve Been….

Way back in late Spring early Summer, Nick and I started talking about moving. We always knew we’d eventually move, but somehow talking about it moved the time table up significantly (funny how that happens). One thing led to another and before we knew it our house was “on the market.” In fact, we had a “Coming Soon” sign in our yard on the day of Lu’s birthday party. Surprise! We’re moving! Maybe not the best timing, but we were ready, we were excited, we just knew that the first person who came to see the house would fall in love with it and buy it on the spot!

We were idiots… It was a simpler time…

Fast forward 4 impossibly long months of constant cleaning and straightening, painting, even staging, packing up the kids and heading out of the house at a moment’s notice, and we got the call, the call we’d been waiting for.

Let’s discuss that day a bit. It was Z’s birthday. Nana and Tata were in town and staying with us. Z’s party was early in the morning, so we got ready loaded up and headed to the party, then my realtor called (she usually only calls when it’s something serious, the run of the mill showing, she runs by us via text). She told me there was a couple who saw our house online, love it, and wanted to see it, and that it was the only one they wanted to see. Whoa, sounds promising, but we have guests, a birthday party, and were really planning on taking this weekend “off” as showings go. She said they were fine to wait until the next day, but when I ran it by Nana (she was in the car with me), she said we could pull it off, so we said they could come that afternoon.

The house was in worse shape than it had been in a while, and we brought home about 25 presents to, leftover cake, and 2 hyper children to add to the mix. Putting it back together was no easy feat, but we all worked together and got it done then headed to the pumpkin patch.

Nick and I had just left dinner to go to a movie, and Nana and Tata had the kids with them, when we got the call that they had put together an offer. I thought we were going to have to pull over so we could jump up and down and scream, but we managed to hold it somewhat together.

We had a contract by the next night, and then the real fun began…

Our house went from being immaculate every day to being a total wreck in the span of a few days. We’ve done repairs, purged, donated, packed, had moving trucks come (twice), just to get to this point:



It has been a wild ride, we have loved every minute of being in this house, but we are ready to move on, even if it is just to my parent’s house (for now).

And yes, ALL of our stuff is in my parent’s house, mostly in their second garage.


Nick is trying to see how little we can live on, I am trying to find a way to have all my stuff in the room we’re staying in, and these two are just tickled that they get to live at Nunna and Jido’s house…


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Checkup Turned Fun Friday

We recently had a follow up appointment with Lu’s allergist. After having to reschedule it multiple times and finding out it was just a check-up, no procedures to be done, I almost canceled it, but since I already have so many Mom of the Year awards, I decided to do what the doctor told me, and go in.

At the end of the day, I paid almost $200 for my kids to play with trains in the waiting room, puzzles and books in the exam room, and get a 5 cent treasure from the treasure box and a dum dum…. Great, just like I thought, still allergic, still avoiding peanuts, thanks, bye bye.


Then, there was mention of flu shots, ah ha my mom brain saw an opportunity to check one more thing off the to do list. And the toy shop turned into the little shop of horrors. I really did feel bad, for about a second, then I felt relieved, and Z is old enough that I was able to explain to him that the shot was going to keep him from getting sick, and everyone felt better.

Since we were already out, we headed to my favorite little mall, and played some more, bought some new books, ate lunch and cookies, and went home just in time for nap, ahhh! Let’s pause for a moment an appreciate naptime.



Z was none too thrilled about going to CFA, because “they don’t have toys, just books,” but these binoculars made a believer out of him! It was a super fun Friday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Day of Epic Weekend

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it by now, but on Sunday we had a fun, relaxing morning with Nana and Tata, then they had to leave, so we squeezed in some quiet time and headed to our friend’s Frozen birthday party!

Lu was way excited to see Elsa, and when she saw her, her little face lit up like you wouldn’t believe. She was less enthusiastic about seeing Olaf (the birthday girl’s dad dressed up like him), although I thought he looked awesome and hilarious!

I mean, could these girls be any more excited?!


Crowning the princess


This is what I get when I tell my son he’ll get a giant marshmallow if he smiles, and really how happy is Jido with his grandbabies (minus one who was at soccer).



Epic Weekend Continues

So after the totally awesome party, we came back for lunch and naps. Z got to open a few presents and had some quiet time. Then, we loaded up and went to the pumpkin patch on the first day it was open, also known as the best day to go to the pumpkin patch. We had a blast and took advantage of many photo ops.






We had our absolute pick of pumpkins, and we took our time finding just the right ones!


Lu was intent on finding a “baby pumpkin”


Z found his little pumpkin and named him “greenie.”

Five years old today!


It was totally perfect, and I’m thinking it should be a birthday tradition from now on, right Nana?!

We left there and went straight to Fish Market for dinner, then we swapped cars and Nick and I went to the movies! We met this crazy guy there.


One of the best days in a long time, and why wouldn’t it be? It was Z’s birthday, after all!