Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Disney Day 2

Day 2 was our Magic Kingdom day (yay!). We tried to get up and out like way early, and we did pretty well, but I’ve discovered something, the Gax’s like to sleep (especially on vacation). To reiterate how crucial it was that our friends were there with us, Nick at one point said, man, if you guys weren’t here, we’d sleep right through Disney. I have to agree.

We still managed to get there before 8, and felt it was only fitting that our first stop be at Starbucks on Main Street.


Followed shortly by the obligatory castle pic. And, I would like to pause here to say I am in LOVE with Cinderella’s castle. That is all.


After the coffee and pictures, we headed over to Fantasy Land to ride the rides. Because it was still relatively early, we managed to ride most of them with little to no wait. Even when we had a wait, the kids didn’t seem to have a problem entertaining themselves.


My babes’ first ever Disney ride was Winnie the Pooh, and I’m not sure it was their favorite. That ride is a little psychedelic and weird. After that, we rode, Little Mermaid (which would end up being Lu’s fav), Peter Pan, and It’s a Small World.




Then, we settled down a bit at Mickey’s Philharmagic (hello amazing!). After that, we rode Dumbo, did the racecars, then the Buzz Lightyear ride, which was Z’s favorite (of the day).



Don’t think Lu knew whether to love or hate some of these rides.


After Buzz, we sent Nick and Z to the Lilo and Stitch ride, and we shorter children went on the People Mover.


On our way back to Main Street for lunch, we caught the Maleficent show at the castle. I’d say the kids had decent seats.



We had a great lunch at the Italian restaurant right at the entrance of MK. The food was really tasty and healthy too! The only downside was that Mary Poppins was there when we got there, but not when we were leaving, so we spent the rest of the trip trying to find “Mary” for a certain someone.


Needless to say, we were pooped after all that, so we headed back to the room for naps. 


That nap came in handy because we had tickets the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that night (Hello, amazing, again)! So, we loaded up and headed back for more.


When we returned to MK, we did Pirates of the Caribbean, which I think might have been a tiny bit frightening to them and the Tiki Room (or as I’ll refer to it from now on, the tee tee room, because we had a major pull-up failure in there, also known as a mom failure for not preemptively taking Lu to the potty, but I digress).

The pirate show was quite entertaining.


And we had a hard time getting out of that souvenir shop…


We got done just in time to get snacks and watch Elsa freeze the castle. The kids had already watched this on youtube, but it was so cool in person. There was one little girl who was pretty excited about seeing her old friends Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.




Next, we went to Big Bear Jamboree, got some food, then started scoping out our spot for the parade. We blocked off a little section for us and our strollers, and it was perfect!




Lu’s eyes lit up like you wouldn’t believe every time she saw a princess on a float. She would drop her jaw and sometimes, if she was really impressed, put her hand over her mouth. Z and H were in awe too, and I have to say between the music, the characters we all know and love, and the SMELLS, it was pretty amazing, but it is by far the greatest thing, to see Disney through a child’s eyes!



Our front row spot was great for getting a little extra attention. Z got a salute from an Army man, and Lu got to see all the princesses up close, two of which blew her a kiss, and Woodyyyyyy (who she was obsessed with for some reason).

Included with the Very Merry Christmas party were dance parties with characters. We found a great one that had Clara Bell and some other “rare” characters (that I’d never seen before), then when we went back the bears from Big Bear Jamboree were there! The kids LOVED dancing and Clara Bell really loved Lu’s bow!



So there you have it: Day 2, a long, exhausting, magical day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Little Full, Lotta Sap

Yes, I’m talking about the Gaxiola family Christmas tree. Since we moved from a house with 2 story ceilings to a house with, well… not, our 9 foot Christmas tree was no longer needed. That meant, time for a new one! This was a top priority for me, but Nick felt like we needed to make some significant progress on boxes before adding something new, so I got to work, and convinced him (with the kids help) that Saturday was the day!

We considered going for a real tree,


but ultimately, we couldn’t turn down this beaut, pre-lit (can I get an amen?!).


Well, we might not have strapped the thing to the top of the car, but we did have to do some questionable car seat placement to get it in.


Fits perfect, I’d say


The kids were excited and ready to decorate


I don’t have a picture of the final product yet, but just imagine a lot of ornaments bunched up together at the bottom of the tree and others sporadically placed around, oh and a large bow that’s kinda smooshed by the ceiling (I like big bows).

Monday, December 15, 2014

Move on Down the Road

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of Disney recaps with some breaking news: the Gax’s have moved (finally)! Sure, the house is not completely ready, but will it ever be? (probably, but it doesn’t seem like it at this point).

We just knew we had to get in.

So, Friday was the big day, movers came to my parents’ house around 8:15, and I was just chilln’ I mean what could I really do to help at that point?! Mom got home from the gym right about the time the trucks got loaded up and ready to head out. So, we packed ourselves into the car and went too.


Aren’t we cute?! Yeah, then things got nuts….


Picture movers running back and forth from the truck to our house asking Nick and me where these boxes we thought we labeled pretty well but turns out “Eagles” and “Random Miscellaneous” aren’t really helpful, should go, not to mention that some of them were packed over two months and 42 mornings living in your parents upstairs ago. I literally must have said, I’ve never seen that before in my life at least 17 times….

Then, picture furniture and rugs and tables that went okay in your old house, but you really don’t know where they go in your new house coming in with a fury.

After sending 3 pictures to my interior designer/patient/friend, I finally wrote this: “I think I need you.” When she arrived I felt sweet sweet relief….

By 2 o’clock, they were done and out and we were left there with a million boxes, some strategically placed furniture, and no food or drinks. The next 48 hours are pretty much a blur, but I think they consisted mostly of unpacking, stacking empty boxes, going back and forth to my parent’s house, selling furniture, picking out carpet, late night grocery and Home Depot runs, buying and decorating a tree, oh and me breaking a lock, a lamp, and an ornament…. Good times.


The kids are doing really well so far and they seem to want to now that they have them back. They’re really enjoying having their rooms right across the hall from each other.