Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Z Loses a Tooth!

I can't believe I am reporting this over 2 weeks after it happened (my 2010 self would be so sad). Z lost his first tooth!

I noticed it was starting to feel loose probably a month or so earlier, then I noticed the permanent tooth coming in behind it. We wiggled, tied floss, stretched, pulled. He was such a trooper the whole time, even though I know he didn't love a lot of that, he was always up for it. I think he was really excited at the prospect of finally losing his tooth and the tooth fairy coming!

One morning, Nick said he thought it was loose enough now for me to do what I had been wanting to do for the last month, so I did, and Z screamed and I teared up, but a moment later we were both better.

I was so proud of how he handled it, and I can't believe my baby lost his first tooth!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lu's First Dance Recital!

This weekend was Lu's big dance recital! She takes dance at this really cute studio that encourages the girls to "move to music." They have a live pianist who plays during every class and a large one-sided mirror so moms can watch. It has been so much fun watching her and hanging out with the other moms every week. The recital was an interpretation of The Very Quiet Cricket and Lu's class were the "apple snappers." We were really excited to see the culmination of such a fun year, but I was also a little sad that it was ending and also a little nervous after the Christmas show and the crying...

But, I worried for nothing, because she did awesome! We were on the front row (yeah, that's right) at both the dress rehearsal and the recital. Her little class did such a good job, and she smiled and waved and just had the best time the whole time! Some of these pictures were taken by Z. He grabbed my mom's phone and insisted he take pictures during her dance. He also said she was the best and prettiest apple snapper ballerina in the whole world.


They sang Three Little Birds by Bob Marley for the finale. Good Lord, that was a tearjerker.

The recital was the perfect finale to a fun-filled weekend! Can't wait until next May when we get to do it all over again!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break, Part 2

After one night at the Stone Mountain Marriot (double full beds, yikes!), we packed up and headed into the city.

First stop, Georgia Aquarium.

We walked right in to the sea lion show, which I think is a new attraction at the aquarium, and it was so cool! We all loved it!

We spent close to three hours there, including snack time, and even though it was majorly crowded and we couldn't get in to see the dolphin show, we had a great time! The kids were more than ready to leave after three hours, but not before a stop to the gift shop.

After we bought our stuffed sea lion and dolphin, we checked into our hotel and took the shuttle to Phipps Plaza (hello lovah!). We had lunch at Johnny Rockets, shopped a little, then hit up Legoland.

Instead of playing on the equipment, Lu decided to build a tower as tall as her.  It got knocked over a few times and let's just say Lu doesn't handle frustration well, but we finally got it standing and a smile to boot, so I say all's well that ends well.

That night, we walked to Maggiano's for dinner. Lu was in a MOOD, but we still managed to have a nice dinner.

After dinner we walked over to Lenox Mall and had Sprinkles for dessert.

 One night at the Embassy Suites (separate sleeping areas! Yay!), and breakfast buffet and we were on the road again.

We went to Alpharetta to check out the American Girl store. I think Nick and Z were in there about 2.5 seconds before they beelined to the Gamestop across the way (nice placement!).

Lu's not huge into AG, but she does have a Bitty Baby, who was in need of some new PJ's and apparently a food processor (which frankly does NOTHING, but Nunna gave them money to buy presents and that's what she wanted).

Z ended up trading in a couple of games and getting a couple new ones. We had a food court lunch and headed home! The weather on Saturday was gorgeous, which made driving a lot more pleasant on the way home. It was a nice weekend away, and I figure we have about 730 days before we have to make that "trip" again....

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Spring Break always seems perfectly timed, long enough after Christmas break, but still far from summer. This year, it was much needed, so we were glad we had decided to take a little weekend trip to Stone Mountain and Atlanta.

We weren't leaving until Thursday, so Z had Nunna camp Monday-Wednesday. Lu weasled her way in by running a fever the weekend before, little stinker.

Yay for Nunna Camp!

Thursday, we left for Stone Mountain and over half of our drive over, it was pouring rain! The plan was to eat a quick lunch and hit Stone Mountain Park as soon as possible, but the rain beat us there. They canceled the gondola rides to the top of the mountain, but we were able to do some of the obstacle course and geyser tower and ride the ducks, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Even Lu said she loved riding the ducks. 

They even took turns driving the "duck."

 We finally decided to call it a rainy day on Stone Mountain Park, and got checked into our hotel. We knew if all else failed, we could hit up the indoor pool. And that's exactly what we did. Then it cleared up a bit and we were able to got to the outdoor pool, which made up for what we missed of the park.

After we swam, we got changed and headed to dinner at the hotel restaurant. It cleared up considerably after dinner, so we decided to hang out and walk around outside for a while.

Once the sun set, we decided to get some snacks and head back to the room to watch some TV and turn in for the night. Even though our experience at the park was not what we had planned, Day 1 was still a fun day!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Catching the Leprechaun

I read a blog post the other day written by a mom who was requesting that other moms and teachers take the holidays "down a notch." I have to say it really struck a chord with me. I don't remember celebrating St. Patrick's Day at all as a kid (and I turned out fine). Yeah that's what they all say, but seriously, when did everything turn into a big celebration complete with imaginary beings, candy, and toys?

I will admit I was prepared and even a little excited to dress them in green, but I was not prepared for Z to wake up and "set a trap" for the leprechaun. (I have no idea where he even got that idea from!) But, of course because he set the trap, I felt compelled to write a note "from the leprechaun" and leave candy. I did these things because I felt like I needed to preserve the "magic" and more importantly prevent disappointment that his trap was set for nothing.

I have to admit they were really excited when they first saw it, and I was feeling like a genius until... Z gets this sad look on his face and tells me he really wanted to catch the leprechaun. So never mind the candy and the clever note, now we are supposed to catch the thing, and what would that even look like?!

Anyway, it got me thinking maybe by going along with these things, we are just setting kids up for disappointment when the find out they (the leprechaun, tooth fairy, etc.) don't exist. Wouldn't it just be better to tell the truth from the beginning? That mom bought you some treats to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

I explained to him that no one catches the leprechaun, and he seemed to accept that. But, then a little later he examined his loot and asked, "Why does this say Easter Nerds Rope?"    Dang literacy!

The older I get, the more I feel that childhood innocence is fleeting and that I want to preserve it for as long as possible. But what I am realizing is that childhood innocence is not in imaginary things like tooth fairies and leprechauns. It's in little moments, like playing pretend, finding joy in simply drawing or coloring, or laughing over words like "diaper" or "underwear" (although we discourage that last one).

I think what I'm trying to say is that my goal in raising my kids (and I think I speak for Nick and myself) is to strike a balance between "believing" and being honest and preparing them for the realities of life.

In the meantime, maybe I will "take it down a notch,"  because who has time to make crafts for Columbus Day?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life Lately: School Events Edition

Life lately has involved a lot of school activities.

First up, Z's book fair.

One of the advantages of our moving closer to town is that Nick can hop over to Z's school when he needs to. Earlier this month, the book fair was in town, and they wanted a parent there to supervise purchases. Nick was planning on going, but my schedule opened up, so I got to go! Who doesn't love the book fair? As a side note, I remember $5 being about all you needed to get your fill of erasers, a couple of books, and even a slap bracelet or two. But, we spent almost $30 and he still had a couple of books he had to let go, um hello inflation!

 Meanwhile, at Lu's school they were celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday by having Wacky Wednesday. Lu loved wearing her skirt to school.

Later that week we had Open House at Z's school. I loved seeing him in his element and things like this.

Before I turn 100 I will: 1. Learn how to play football 2. Spend the night in Nashville 3. Go to a Titans game. 

He has said many times that he loves computer and iPad time, so of course he had to show us those, and we stopped by the music room on the way out, which looked so fun, I admit I was a little jealous.

 Friday, Lu and I had to go to Baba's office so I could get some biometrics testing done for insurance purposes. Lu was a great assistant and admitted, "Baba's office is cooler than yours, but yours is prettier." I think the donut had something to do with it.

After all that health assessing, and dance class, we were pooped so, we relaxed a bit on my bed before picking up Z. 

It was a busy and fun-filled week, especially for a family who's used to staying in and doing lots of nothing, especially on weeknights!