Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Checkup Turned Fun Friday

We recently had a follow up appointment with Lu’s allergist. After having to reschedule it multiple times and finding out it was just a check-up, no procedures to be done, I almost canceled it, but since I already have so many Mom of the Year awards, I decided to do what the doctor told me, and go in.

At the end of the day, I paid almost $200 for my kids to play with trains in the waiting room, puzzles and books in the exam room, and get a 5 cent treasure from the treasure box and a dum dum…. Great, just like I thought, still allergic, still avoiding peanuts, thanks, bye bye.


Then, there was mention of flu shots, ah ha my mom brain saw an opportunity to check one more thing off the to do list. And the toy shop turned into the little shop of horrors. I really did feel bad, for about a second, then I felt relieved, and Z is old enough that I was able to explain to him that the shot was going to keep him from getting sick, and everyone felt better.

Since we were already out, we headed to my favorite little mall, and played some more, bought some new books, ate lunch and cookies, and went home just in time for nap, ahhh! Let’s pause for a moment an appreciate naptime.



Z was none too thrilled about going to CFA, because “they don’t have toys, just books,” but these binoculars made a believer out of him! It was a super fun Friday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Day of Epic Weekend

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it by now, but on Sunday we had a fun, relaxing morning with Nana and Tata, then they had to leave, so we squeezed in some quiet time and headed to our friend’s Frozen birthday party!

Lu was way excited to see Elsa, and when she saw her, her little face lit up like you wouldn’t believe. She was less enthusiastic about seeing Olaf (the birthday girl’s dad dressed up like him), although I thought he looked awesome and hilarious!

I mean, could these girls be any more excited?!


Crowning the princess


This is what I get when I tell my son he’ll get a giant marshmallow if he smiles, and really how happy is Jido with his grandbabies (minus one who was at soccer).



Epic Weekend Continues

So after the totally awesome party, we came back for lunch and naps. Z got to open a few presents and had some quiet time. Then, we loaded up and went to the pumpkin patch on the first day it was open, also known as the best day to go to the pumpkin patch. We had a blast and took advantage of many photo ops.






We had our absolute pick of pumpkins, and we took our time finding just the right ones!


Lu was intent on finding a “baby pumpkin”


Z found his little pumpkin and named him “greenie.”

Five years old today!


It was totally perfect, and I’m thinking it should be a birthday tradition from now on, right Nana?!

We left there and went straight to Fish Market for dinner, then we swapped cars and Nick and I went to the movies! We met this crazy guy there.


One of the best days in a long time, and why wouldn’t it be? It was Z’s birthday, after all!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Epic Birthday Weekend

We had an epic weekend for many reasons, all of which I will not be going into but let’s just say it was full of fun and family and many blessings all surrounding our sweet 5 YEAR OLD Z!

Nana and Tata arrived on Thursday evening for Z’s birthday. We relaxed, opened presents from them, had dinner, and visited. It was wonderful! Then, on Friday, Mama had some me time (hallelujah! and thank YOU Nana and Tata). The kids had so much fun with Nana and Tata and certainly did not miss me.

Friday night, we stayed in, ate and played and prepared for party day, which also happened to birthday day! We got up, sang, opened more presents and headed to the most fun birthday party we’ve had in a while! Seriously great, and I had to do next to nothing to prepare for it!!

These two were EXCITED!



They bounced and bounced and played tug of war and ran around in their party favors (the capes).



Lulu even had one of her sweet friends there (she’s a sucker for an Auburn boy)


Some adults got in on the action


Then we sang and had cake, and we were outta there before 12! Perfect!




After the party, we opened more presents, took naps/had quiet time then went to the pumpkin patch. It was opening day, and let me tell you, the best day to go! We were practically alone and got the BEST pumpkins! But that is coming in a separate post. I told you, epic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love September

September’s here! Really couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing lately, oh yeah,

Celebrating my birthday



Planning Zayd’s Party (Gotta thank Etsy for this find)

superhero invitation edit

Getting ready for Halloween


Hanging out at home


And having lots of quality family time!


I guess we’ve been a little busy…