Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fourth of July-Part 2

Friday morning, we hit up the breakfast buffet and splash park at Great Wolf, then headed back to Nana and Tata’s for lunch and naps. They fought it hard, but finally gave in, and we got them up in time to head into town for First Fridays and the Fourth of July celebration.


Hands down our favorite stop was the used bookstore.


We had a super yummy dinner at a Mexican restaurant and went to the park where they were showing The Lego Movie, which my kids were drawn to like a moth to a flame even though they’ve seen it a thousand times. Then we snagged our spot and saw some really great fireworks! It took us a hot minute to get outta there, and the kids were wired (due to forced nap, ha!). We were all in Nana’s car, and Tata was riding in the back back, every time he said anything, Lu would say “Don’t talk, Little Mango!” Thus, the nickname Little Mango was born. She proceeded to call him Little Mango for the rest of the weekend. “Where’s Little Mango?” “Little Mangooooo!” Ha, it was hilarious!

Saturday, we hung out at Nick’s sister’s house for a bit, then headed to the park for a picnic with Nick’s extended family. Z and Lu had a blast with all the kiddos!


Lu totally crashed at dinner, so they called it a night a bit early, and we stayed up and visited a bit more with family.

Sunday came way too soon! We left around lunchtime, and while we made much better time on the way home, we still stopped at Wal-mart for road food and rewards/toys, had to get gas a couple times, and made it all the way to Hartselle, Alabama before we had to stop for dinner. Can’t beat Cracker Barrel on a long road trip!


The last hour or so was ROUGH and we got home just in time to hit the bed. I was so proud of the kids though, overall they did fantastic! That’s it until next time….

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July: Roadtrip Edition Part 1

This year we headed North for the fourth. We’ve never made the drive to Ohio to see Nick’s parents, only flown, but with connecting flights and layovers and two children, we realized it was time to roadtrip it Griswold style, with (stuffed animal) friends, entertainment, and lots of snacks (and treats)!


So we loaded up Tuesday night, woke up early Wednesday, and we were out the door by 7:30 a.m. We we making great time, when things came to a screeching halt, literally. There was a major accident on the road in Campbellsburg, KY, which delayed us just enough to hit rush hour traffic in Cincinnati and added a good 3 hours to our overall drive time, which ended up being a whopping 11 hours! Needless to say, even though the kids were TROOPERS, we were so relieved to finally get there, albeit at about 7:30 at night!

We hung out with family, played, ate, and then went to bed so we could get up and head to King’s Island and the Great Wolf Lodge the next day. It was about a 40 minute drive, and very peaceful because the kids rode with Nana and Tata, ha! When we got there, we went straight to Planet Snoopy and the kids loved it!


Someone may have ridden her very first (and certainly her last) (and probably one of the scariest in the free world) roller coaster called The Diamondback, and all I can say is I have enough anxiety about everyday things without intentionally bringing anxiety on myself, but let’s move on.

The kids loved meeting the Peanuts characters.


As if spending the day at King’s Island weren’t enough, we spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge right next to King’s Island, which was so fun and PERFECT for kids. The kids slept in the “Wolf Den,” which they loved, and Lu is still asking to be called “baby wolf.”



The Great Wolf Lodge had the biggest indoor splash park you could ever imagine, complete with waterslides, a tide pool, lazy river, and hot tubs. It was CRAZY! These pictures barely do it justice!



After a full day of rides and splash park fun, we had dinner then what else, but hit the arcade! The kids RACKED UP on tickets, multiple times! We probably got close to 1500 all together.


This time we used our tickets to get this Great Wolf Lodge soccer ball instead of 5 tootsie rolls, three jelly bracelets, and a matchbox car. I think it was probably a smart move.


It just simply isn’t a Gax family vacation (or trip to the mall) without spending some time (and money) at an arcade. So fun!

Next up, the rest of the weekend fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father’s Day

We had the most relaxing Father’s Day weekend! The kids and I went (almost) nowhere on Friday. We went to the gym and pool, then my parents house Saturday morning, and the Hammers Game Saturday night. Nick had already declared Saturday night (when Z scored those goals) as his best Father’s Day present, but we still celebrated him with a nice steak dinner and a movie (Big Hero 6, which is awesome, by the way) Friday night and a day at the movies on Sunday. We saw Inside Out, which was another winner in our books, so fun!

They’d already decided which feelings they identified with. Z was ‘Anger’ and Lu was ‘Sadness.’


Or, was it ‘Joy?’


Lu was a little small for the flip chair, so she ended up in my lap.


We snacked, laughed, could’ve cried, but suppressed it, basically it was a great movie!

We had a great dinner and ended the weekend with cobbler and ice cream on the couch watching Star Wars Rebels at Nick’s Zayd’s request ;)


I have some pretty amazing fathers in my life, and Nick is absolutely no exception! He loves his children fiercely and would go to the ends of Earth for them! He’s caring, devoted, and so much fun! We are so thankful for him on Father’s Day and EVERY DAY!

Monday, June 22, 2015

You'll Never Believe What Happens Next

You know those videos on Facebook that are like "A little boy meets an old man 'and you'll never believe what happens next'"? Man, those things get on my nerves, but we actually kinda had one of those moments on Saturday.

Z's school soccer program was having "Family Night" at a Birmingham Hammers game, our local soccer team which I never knew existed before last Tuesday. Anyway, I mentioned it to Nick, then we mentioned it to Z, and he got really excited about it. It rained in the afternoon and we were kinda getting settled in for the night, running late, but Z was so excited, we had to get up and go.

It was a really cool and fun game, but where things really got interesting was at halftime when they do this goal scoring competition where they put small nets in the corners of the goals and get kids from the crowd to try and kick the ball into one of the nets.

Nick had the idea for Z to go out there, but I wasn't so sure because he was a good bit younger than all the other kids out there. Thankfully, they didn't listen to me, and he jumped out there and got in line to take a shot.There were probably about 25 or so kids that lined up to try and score a goal. About five had scored when Z was up, then this happened.

He scored! We couldn't believe it! His reaction was PRICELESS, and I was so proud when he said his name and his age into the microphone!

They lined up the 6 finalists and had them go again to narrow it down further, and Z scored AGAIN! This time he kicked into the corner goal on the opposite side. The crowd went nuts, and I'm not exaggerating (well, maybe a little). Only one other contestant (who was about 13 years old) scored on the second round, so he and Z went again to determine the winner.

Z missed the third and fourth shot and the older kid got one, so Z came in second place and it was really the sweetest moment ever! Especially when the announcer said he won a $55 credit for Hammer merchandise, $10 for every year of his life, ha! We were beaming, and that really isn't an exaggeration.

Needless to say, we are all Birmingham Hammer fans now!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Life Lately

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.



Playing outside and swimming





Running errands (and being silly)


Going to the library!


Watching the fireflies in our yard!


Baking! (and posing)


Hanging at Mama’s office


And visiting friends!


In short, it’s been a super fun summer so far!