Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gax Fam Beach Trip Part 1

*Author's Note: We're back, this post was started while we were at the beach

We're at the beach!

The Second Annual Gax Fam Beach Trip is under way!

We left about 9:30 Saturday morning, stopped once for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs and made it down in under 5 hours!

There was a good bit of video game playing and iPad watching to get us through

When we arrived, a wave of relaxation came over us, despite the 100+ degree heat that was also washing over us.

After a grocery run, and feeling a little like we were going to melt, we hit the beach, and the water felt great!!

By dinnertime, we were all exhausted, but mustered up enough energy to make some tacos. Then we all went to bed super early to get ready for another beach day!

Sunday was pretty hot, too, but the water was super clear and calm, so we were feeling good! Z is LOVING the beach this year, and he and Nick have discovered a new activity, body boarding. Zayd loves going really fast, and doesn't even mind crashing!

Lu's been staying a little more low key, building sand castles and such, but she did brave the waves in her floaties a bit on Sunday.

Sunday night, we still didn't feel the need to leave the house, so we grilled hamburgers and ate under our house. This particular house is on stilts and has a cool area underneath that's shady with a fabulous view. They put a couple of dining areas and shuffleboard setup under there. Although we were joined by many flies, it was a perfect evening.

The sun was still pretty intense on Sunday, so we decided we'd get out and go look for us some rash guards (I had packed some I got on clearance at Gymboree for the kids, but Z won't wear his unless his Baba is wearing something similar, so naturally we had to go get one for him and me). We are really close to Rosemary Beach so we spent Monday morning there and found what we were looking for, along with several things we weren't, and suffice it to say we left that place substantially poorer and not much to show for it (think dollar store toys for $15 and an 'Organic' lunches for $15/person, but I digress).

So, there it is, the first three days, give or take a few pictures. Gotta go, beach is calling!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin Love

Now that my sister lives here (we still haven’t gotten used to that idea yet), you are going to be seeing a lot more of these kiddos, A and A.


They have a really neat dynamic with my kiddos, basically the boys get together and do 5 year old boy things (i.e. taking their shirts off, “fighting’ against bad guys, playing video games).

And the girls play a little game called A is Lu’s Mama, and it works out great most of the time, until A gets tired of being a Mama and just wants to play with the boys or until Lu’s sassiness hits that point where even the girl who loves and tolerates her junk more than most people, can’t tolerate it anymore (believe me, it can happen to the best of us).


I feel so blessed that my babies have so many cousins already that are close in age with them. Nick and I both have great memories of our cousins when we were growing up, and now they will too!


Me and AG are like kindred spirits, so I knew she would be all over this matching pajama thing! I mean how cute?!


We are so excited our cousins are here to stay and look forward to making many more memories with ALL (7) of our cousins!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Being that hubs and I both work full time, our kids have always been in “school.” Their “first day” was last week, but the last day was just the day before, literally.

This year Lu’s teachers had an end of the year party and invited parents. I cleared some time at work so I could go, and I’m glad I did, despite the fact that she yelled “I’m ready to go home” more than a couple of times when she was supposed to be singing.


After the “party,” we picked up brother and headed back to Mama’s office. I LOVE having them at my office, and it’s gotten a lot easier since Lu’s bigger, but it still makes things just a little hectic.

I’d say they were pretty happy about being there though.


Because you can’t start a school year without them, I took some first day pics then sent them off with Baba to their new classrooms. 


He dropped Z off first, and said he went right in and started playing.IMG_4257

Then it was Lu’s turn, and Nick said she too went right in, sat down, and said “bye baba,” just like a big girl!


So far they are both liking their new classes. Lu is potty training (yikes!), and Z’s teacher says he is doing great!

Can’t believe Z’s in Pre-K and (even more) that Lu’s in K3!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Days

I can’t believe summer is over! In two days my babies both start in their new classes, Z starts Pre-K and Lu starts K3! Agh! It seems like Z was just entering K3 yesterday!

We’ve been trying to make the most out of our summer weekends. My sis is here (permanently, yay!), and the weather has been great so that makes for some fun park visits.


and perfect pool time!


We’ve also celebrated Eid. Lu wanted a “tooth fairy costume” and Z wanted a “teen ninja turtle costume.” I guess I know what they’re going to be for Halloween!


Baba also surprised them with an Elsa doll and purse and the new TMNT Lego Junior set. I guess you could say they were pretty excited….



Our tooth fairy wears these…


We celebrated a birthday, Lu’s first birthday party without brother Zayd. She was a little timid at first, but then she dove right in!


And left with the only kind of puppy she’ll ever get.


No summer night is complete without a movie night! Love cuddling with my babies on the couch, even if one of them is a wiggle worm!


I’m so thankful for a fun-filled and lazy summer with my little family (and my big family too).