Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love September

September’s here! Really couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing lately, oh yeah,

Celebrating my birthday



Planning Zayd’s Party (Gotta thank Etsy for this find)

superhero invitation edit

Getting ready for Halloween


Hanging out at home


And having lots of quality family time!


I guess we’ve been a little busy…

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Come on in…

The Come on in… series has come around to master bedrooms, which is appropriate for me, since we have recently made some changes in our master.

Here is a ‘before’ picture, which I had no problem with for the past few years, but now I realize was a little… sad.


First, we had the tray ceiling painted, and let me just say, I liked the tray ceiling before, but this was definitely the right move. Then, we lightened things up with new bedding and some gorgeous new lamps (before lamps… yikes! Sorry hubs!).




It just feels extra cozy now, and that Capri Blue Volcano Candle over there (on my side), divine! We try to have our kids in bed by 8 every night, so at 8:01, you’ll find us here with a La Croix, some ice cream, and some good TV on, currently, Big Brother, The Leftovers, The Daily Show, or Jimmy Fallon. Love some TV!

So on one end is our bathroom, which is a good bathroom (not as good as when we were in the condo and each had our own, but we don’t mind sharing anymore ;)


On the other end is a sitting room turned CLOSET, which is all mine. Nick has a rather large closet attached to the bathroom, so we are both very satisfied in the closet department.


So there you go, our master bedroom, bath, and closets!


I almost forgot to post about our kite! Nana got us this kite for our beach trip last year, and it has been huge hit! This year was no exception.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Beach House

Me and hubs are researchers, you know people who research things to death before we decide to buy (or rent, as in this case) them (well hubs moreso than me, I tend to be a little, ahem, impulsive). Back in January when we were planning our trips and vacation days for the year, we started researching beach houses. We knew the general area we wanted to be in but went back and forth on being right on the beach, inland, within a “beach community,” etc. etc. and we kept coming back to this house, on stilts, on the beach. When we pulled up, we knew we made the right decision.


We took lots of pictures on our back deck, because, hello, beach!



We’ll always stay close enough to Seaside to be able to hit up the food trucks and toy store there! So fun!


Okay, maybe one more beach post then we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Beach, Part who knows?

Beach?! Did I go to the beach? Y’all, that is such a distant memory now, I’m not even sure it existed.

I sure do miss these sights though:


We spent one afternoon at the Destin outlets, but somehow spent most of our time at the Disney store, playground, and dancing in the corridors… My, how things have changed.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beach Creatures

This post is dedicated to beach creatures and the pursuit of them, by my husband (happens to be his favorite activity) and my son (quickly taking after his father).

Note: no animals were harmed in creating this post.




I (and my daughter) have very little affection for these creatures, or any creatures for that matter, but I am trying to be a good sport about it, so here they are, in all their glory….

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gax Fam Beach Trip Part 1

*Author's Note: We're back, this post was started while we were at the beach

We're at the beach!

The Second Annual Gax Fam Beach Trip is under way!

We left about 9:30 Saturday morning, stopped once for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs and made it down in under 5 hours!

There was a good bit of video game playing and iPad watching to get us through

When we arrived, a wave of relaxation came over us, despite the 100+ degree heat that was also washing over us.

After a grocery run, and feeling a little like we were going to melt, we hit the beach, and the water felt great!!

By dinnertime, we were all exhausted, but mustered up enough energy to make some tacos. Then we all went to bed super early to get ready for another beach day!

Sunday was pretty hot, too, but the water was super clear and calm, so we were feeling good! Z is LOVING the beach this year, and he and Nick have discovered a new activity, body boarding. Zayd loves going really fast, and doesn't even mind crashing!

Lu's been staying a little more low key, building sand castles and such, but she did brave the waves in her floaties a bit on Sunday.

Sunday night, we still didn't feel the need to leave the house, so we grilled hamburgers and ate under our house. This particular house is on stilts and has a cool area underneath that's shady with a fabulous view. They put a couple of dining areas and shuffleboard setup under there. Although we were joined by many flies, it was a perfect evening.

The sun was still pretty intense on Sunday, so we decided we'd get out and go look for us some rash guards (I had packed some I got on clearance at Gymboree for the kids, but Z won't wear his unless his Baba is wearing something similar, so naturally we had to go get one for him and me). We are really close to Rosemary Beach so we spent Monday morning there and found what we were looking for, along with several things we weren't, and suffice it to say we left that place substantially poorer and not much to show for it (think dollar store toys for $15 and an 'Organic' lunches for $15/person, but I digress).

So, there it is, the first three days, give or take a few pictures. Gotta go, beach is calling!