Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Three on Tuesday

Let’s just have a random list shall we? And let’s call it Three on Tuesday and pretend that’s a thing Kthanks.

1. I am in full planning mode for our weekend beach trip. We are determined to pack up the night before and get going in the morning, with all bathing suits (unlike our August trip) and all shows loaded on the ipad (unlike our February trip). We’ll see how that goes.

2. The weather has been so nice, we are trying to get out as much as possible even if it delays dinner and bedtime and leaves children wired instead of tired). Sunshines makes us all smile!




3. I’m linking up with momfessionals again for What’s on…. This one is your nightstand. Yikes! These pictures are kinda rough and maybe a little TMI, but you know, after the kids are in bed, we head straight to our room and settle in to watch our favorite shows and my nightstand holds some of my favorite items that accompany that time, so for that reason, maybe it should be documented. Those things include a nice cold (non-alcoholic) beverage on my Mother’s Day tile coasters from my kids, a dessert (or two), my iPad with current book loaded (right now Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places), a notepad for lists, a candle, and some other necessary items that may or may not include nail polish/clippers/file/buffer, bobby pins, chapstick (must have!), Bath and Body Works lotion (My current fave), MI Paste (hello, have to keep the teeth healthy), a baby doll paci (because of course), and pics of some of my favorite people. 


So, there it is, my nightstand, just the way it is!


  1. Those Mother's Day coasters are precious!

  2. Those Mother's Day coasters are too cute!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!